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College Girl – Pointed Collar – deep blue and pink

College Girl – Pointed Collar – deep blue and pink


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Product Description

… To be a decisive and impeccable young lady.

This luxurious coat in pure Merino wool, hand-finished, is designed to keep your puppy warm and comfortable. The pointed collar designed in jacquard is enriched by pink lace, a little rose and a satin ribbon.

Merino wool is extremely soft, comfortable and transpiring. The coat has been designed to protect your dog’s entire body, even its belly, while maintaining a style that is absolutely Glamour and Vintage.
Conceived, designed and created in Italy.

Colour: deep blue and pink

Details: pink lace, little rose and satin ribbon



Body Lenght

(Measure your dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail)

XS             10,63 in

S                  11,81 in

S/M           12,99 in

M                14,17 in

M/L           15,35 in

L                16,54 in

Additional Information


L – 42 cm, M – 36 cm, M/L – 39 cm, S – 30 cm, S/M – 33 cm, XS – 27 cm


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